Internet Tools at Dirtbikes

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes

      Michele Ratliff

      Axia College

      What is the cost of communicating?   This is the question asked by Dirt Bikes management team.   Both people inside and outside of the company obtain information about the developments in the industry of motorcycle and the economy around the world; however management suspects there is much cost involved and the process may be inefficient. I am going to investigate and present information on what internet tools are available to help the employees communicate and find the information effectively.   Their employees are equipped with a desktop computer with internet capabilities. With my research I have found two other internet tools that may prove to be very successful if used correctly. I will also include the results of my comparison between a wireless and cabled network.   I will offer suggestions on how this organization can implement these tools and achieve optimal results (IT205 Syllabus).

      Dirt Bikes have provided internet access to their employees who use desktop computers.   A private network can be created and designed so the entire organization could communicate and conduct business within a secure network (IT 205 Syllabus).   This can be achieved easily be implemented using a software developed by the World Wide Web known also as WWW or W3.   The World Wide Web is a universe of information and embodiment of human knowledge.   If Dirt Bikes chose to pair their existing internet with the software and protocols of the WWW; the use of hypertext and media techniques, everyone could contribute in an effective secure way. With firewalls active in each desktop unauthorized persons will not be able to access any non-public information about the organization (

      Social networking could prove to be a very successful tool for the sales and marketing department.   Virtually the entire world is at their fingertips, to promote high end efficient tracking and...