Who Am I as a Counsellor Now?

Who am I as a counsellor now?
What has changed since the start of the course and how have these changes affected my relationship with self and others?

In the following essay I plan to look into who I am as a counsellor now, I also plan to discuss what has changed since the start of the course and how these changes affected my relationship with self and others.
I will explain how I believe these changes have occurred and relate some of them to theory. Throughout the essay I will explain Carl Rogers stages of process, as I believe this is important in understanding personal growth. I will also discuss where I see myself working in the future and the reasons for this. Through the essay I will refer to personal development as well as personal growth, Irving & Williams (1999 pg 520) clarify the difference as ‘personal development work can involve loss as well as gain; it may succeed in its objectives or it may fail. But the growth label is only given to positive outcomes’, I understand that growth tends to refer to growing into a certain kind of person whereas development means to develop a specific skill or quality.   Finally I will conclude my findings at the end of the essay.

Carl Rogers (1961) suggested that   there are seven stages of process to work through to develop personally. This is not to say that a client will work through all seven stages, some may begin at stage two or three and while most will progress, not all will reach stage seven. That being said those that only progress two stages will still develop.
Rogers is also clear in stating ‘that a person is never wholly at one stage or another stage of the process’. (1961 pg 139) but often moving between stages. He suggested that at the first stage ‘the individual in this stage of fixity and remoteness is not likely to come voluntarily to therapy’ (1961, pg 132) I understand that those at the first stage are not likely to disclose anything about themselves or their feelings.

I believe my...