Students, the and Now

Let us go back in time. Let us go back to a more simple time and compare and contrast the educational system of yesteryear with that of the system today.
Then:   A student had to learn and had consequences for not doing so. If you neglected your lessons, humiliation was a certainty. In fact, if humiliation was the only punishment you received, you were thanking the Lord Almighty that night. If you failed a course you received an “F”. Period.
Now: If a student does not learn he is referred to a counselor and then to the ARD program. The teacher is blamed and required to fill out 14 forms in triplicate and attend numerous ARD meetings. The teacher is also required to fill out endless forms every day to track the student’s progress. (Or   rather how the teacher is jumping through politically correct hoops in the interest of not leaving this student behind.) More staff is called in to ascertain if Little Johnny has “issues.”
Then: Students memorized important facts and figures. The multiplication and division tables, the Capitals of each State of the Union, as well as geographical locations of other countries and their capital cities, imports, exports, etc. The Socratic Method was applied with aplomb. If you did not know what your teacher was asking you, this was due to your not having been paying attention or neglecting your homework. The ruler was then applied in tandem with the Socratic Method producing the desired result; learning.
Now: Students learn the TAKS test. (Or other test of this type.) Teachers do not question students since they might offend someone or hurt their delicate sensibilities.   If they do upset Little Johnny, more personnel are called in to attend to Little Johnny’s issues. The teacher is put on probation for mollifying her young charge as well as for said student’s failure to pass his TAKS test.
Then: Children were sent outside to play and run and grow strong. Young people learned about nature and life and relationships by...