When Antibiotics Stop Working Paper

When Antibiotics Stop Working

University of Phoenix

The purpose of this paper is to analyze why diseases that we have tried to eradicate for such a long time have now been strengthening and becoming immune to the medication that was designed to eradicate them. We need to understand what is causing this change by analyzing our behaviors as humans and analyzing the implications of our decisions. It makes sense that to combat these bacteria, we need to understand how they work and how they gain immunity. Finally, we need to resolve and come to a conclusion about what we need to do to insure that future generations do not suffer on behalf of our repeated mistakes. In order to insure the survival of the human race and prevent mass deaths due to disease like the plague, it is imperative that we ask these questions since they will lead us to think about our future behavior and for the future of the human race.
Keywords: tuberculosis, bacteria, antibiotics, resistance, diseases, Antibodies

When Antibiotics Stop Working
Although the invention of Penicillin by Alexander Fleming was hailed as a great milestone in medical history, he will probably be frightened to know that his discovery and the use of antibiotics is, ironically, strengthening the bacteria that we try so hard to weaken. However, the first step to countering this problem is to analyze why these bacteria are strengthening and how they are strengthening. Only then can we answer how we can reduce the strength of these diseases.
Much of the problem stems from the fact that we are so reliant on antibiotics and because we use them unnecessarily; in example, surgeons use antibiotics while conducting surgeries to prevent infection. However, they can also create a clean, sterile environment and prevent disease in the operating room - similarly to how companies that produce microchips have a sterile and particle free environment to keep out dust. In addition, the harmful bacteria are most likely to...