Career Development Paper

Career Plan

“The pain of self discipline is far less severe than the pain of regret.” A quote I recently heard that made so much sense when I heard it but never applied it to my life, I actually did the complete opposite. I avoided doing school work because I always would rather be doing something that had immediate gratification and thought I could “get by” and make a decent amount of money without the need of a degree. After many years of serving tables at restaurants, time began to fly and I realized that I should have taken my education a bit more seriously. I decided I needed to go to school and make some kind of change and figure out which direction to head in the world of careers.
There are many key factors I included in getting a better idea of which career path to take on. One of the first things I learned about myself is after taking the natural talents assessment, I scored high in diagnostic, spatial orientation,   design memory, artistic, intuition, sensing and musical abilities. It was hard for me to pin point which abilities were strong for me because I didn’t have many low ranking ones. All of them were either mid or high so I second guessed myself and really had to think back to when I was younger, always messing around on photoshop, playing strategic games and always being able to critique something and look for ways to make something better. Another thing I can recall from growing up is if there was something I was passionate about doing,   I would spend all day doing it and kept pushing myself until I reached my desired level of skill and had an above average level of knowledge in those subjects. Learning how to code html, DJing, Snowboarding, building computers and racing motocross are all examples of things I learned to do mostly on my own. I would then find something new that I found interesting and do it all over again. This lead me to find out that I am a introvert/specialist. From a very young age I was very independent and grew up...