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5/17/2013- Old Psychology Books

I have a HUGE collection of books that date back to the early 1900's that are rooted in early Psychology. Although there are a few that date back to 1895-1910, most of them are from 1940-1970. There are approx. 250+ books and they cover so many different topics from sexual offenders, marriage and family, teens and youth development and so many others. Just to list a few of the better ones, they include:

-       American Handbook of Psychiatry, Volume I-   Silvano Arieti, Editor, 1959
- American Handbook of Psychiatry, Volume II-   Silvano Arieti, Editor- 1959
- American Handbook of Psychiatry, Volume III- Silvano Arieti- 1966
- Studies on Hysteria- Josef Breuer & Sigmund Freud- Translated from the German and edited by James Strachey, In Collaboration with Anna Freud-1957- (an original
        work of Sigmund Freud)
- The Century Psychology Series: The Behavior of Organisms: An Experimental Analysis- B.F. Skinner-1938
- The Century Psychology Series: Modern Learning Theory: A Critical Analysis of 5 Examples-1954
- The Century Psychology Series: Experimental Psychology: An Introduction- Benton Underwood- 1949
- The Century Psychology Series: Principles of Behavior- Clark L. Hull- 1943
- The Elements of Scientific Psychology, By: Knight Dunlap, 1922
- Purposive Behavior in Animals and Men, By : Edward Chace Tolman, 1951 (Original Copyright 1932)
- *****Medical Book***** Exercises in Electrocardiographic Interpretation: By: Louis N. Katz, A.B., M.D. (A Compilation of 180 Electrocardiograms, Illustrated with
        128 Engravings), Comprised and Published in 1941.
- Female Sex Perversion: The Sexually Aberrated Woman As She Is; Authored By: Maurice Chideckel, M.D., with a Foreword by: Dr. S. Wolman, Assoc. in Medicine @
        John Hopkins University. Published by Eugenics Publishing in 1935
- A Psychiatrist’s World: The Selected Papers of Karl Menninger, M.D.   Edited, with a b\Brief...