History of Ideas

Which had more impact: post-columbus America on Europe or Europe on America?
Indian is another word for Native American, but Native American is right expression. Columbus, who travel the world and found American continent, thought the continent that he found was India, so he called the people who lived there before they came ‘Indians’. Native American had totally different surroundings, life style, and appearance. After Columbus, big amount of settlers came to America to have a new life, and they settled in Native Americans territory without asking. They even killed them if they had to, and they also hunted too many buffalos that supplied foods for Native American. Europeans almost destroyed Native American’s life. The settlers justifies this situation by saying that they taught Native American new culture, life style, and what they thought better than Native American’s way. Accordingly, Indians gradually vanished away, and nowadays Indians are hard to see around the world. A lot of people think that they disappeared because they could not adjust the evolution on America. Also many people in the world say that European settlers had great effects on America, but they tend to ignore what Native Americans gave. Native American actually did have some strong impacts. They gave them agricultural technology, new medicament, and new path and transportation. Those 3 things help settlers to settle in, and have impacts on Europe and its people.
There are many examples about Indian agriculture techniques have impact on Europe and the whole world. Genaro Herrera is a small village located in Amazon River. What makes this village different from others is that there is research center which researches traditional Indian farming technology. Indians taught the people, who wanted to learn, their agriculture techniques, building, and storage method. The Indians around Genaro Herrera now teach the scientists how to cultivate and then how to utilize plants (82). Another example is...