What Will Affect the Rotation Speed of Ball Mill?

When the ore and water from the feed end is continuously added, through the hollow shaft enters the cylinder body. When the cylinder according to the prescribed speed work, grinding medium ( steel lime, steel rods or gravel ) and ore in centrifugal force and under the friction, with the inner wall of the cylinder body rises to a certain height, and then from the cylinder wall down and slide down, so that ore constantly subjected to shock and friction stripper for was ground, grated ore and water to form a slurry, in continuous addition of ore and water pressure driven, continuously through a hollow shaft neck from the discharge end discharge, finish grinding.

With the ball milling long time running, the ball will wear, at home and abroad to alter feeding a large diameter steel ball, to add three to four kinds of different diameter ball. Simply adding a big ball of cumulative effect can make the ball mill ball slants much, the grinding effect is not good. Adding quantity according to the processing amount of ore and steel ball wear indicators to calculate the total amount should make up the ball. So that the ball mill additional need different diameter ball.

In the left landing has a great impact, the ore is mainly affected by the impact of the crushing, grinding efficiency, when the speed exceeds a certain limit ( high speed ), the lime with the cylinder to rotate without falling, in centrifugal running state. When the lime is no impact, abrasive action is very small, so that the grinding machine action to stop.

Lime mill speed directly determines the cylinder grinding media movement and grinding equipment. When the speed is low, the lime mill lime was promoted by low height, the gravity lime, lime charge from the top slide to roll down, a cascading state, the lime impact grinding effect is very small, but is very strong, the ore is mainly by grinding and grinding, grinding efficiency is not high; when at high rotational speed, the lime was also high...