Factors That Affect the Mixed Movement Features of Particles in Ball Mill

During the working process of ball mill, the material particles will produce a continuous impacting and grinding effect in the repeated movement, so that the materials will be crushed. At the same time,aluminium manufacturing process flow chart the particles present complicated mixed movement features. Quantitatively analyzing the mixed movement features of the particles inside the ball mill has important guiding significance on the deep research of the material grinding technology of ball mill. Next the experts of Zenith Machinery will analyze the factors that affect the mixed movement features of the particles inside ball mill.

On the condition of the same filling rate, the smaller the particles are, the time needed to mix them will be longer. Seen from the point of view of the hitting times, when the filling rate is the same,aggregate processing plant designer and supplier the smaller the radius of the particles is, the bigger the number of the particles will be, so that the hitting times will be high. In addition, the small particles are very easy to be brought to a certain height, thus forming stronger mixed movement.

With the increase of the density of the particles, the period of fluctuations of the mixed curve of the particles will slightly increase and the fluctuation range will gradually decrease with the rotation of the ball mill. So when the density of the particles increases, the weight of the particles will increase, so will be inertia. For this way, when the external conditions are the same, changing the movement state of the particles needs more time, and the time that needs to mix the particles will also be longer.

When the granularity of the particles is not even, with the rotation of the ball mill, the small particles are easier to go up than the big particles, and the horizontal movement distance is farther; while the big particles often do the falling movement and the horizontal movement distance is small.

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