The Lining Plate Determined the Fineness of Ball Mills

As the milling machine operation, the factors relative to the fixed without frequent adjustment: the crude ore hardness, granularity, sieve sieve, ball mill, ball type, amount, quality steel ball size ratio, rotational speed of ball mills, classifier, classifier impeller speed, spindle lifting height, distance classifier classifier blade wear of basalt crusher, classifier overflow weir height, classifier, classifier level under an opening size, classifier, classifier on the opening height of the opening size. The early part of the design and process planning.

Of course, now a lot of concentrator design unreasonable, equipment installation or equipment quality problems. The first part of this paper illustrates the factors.The ceramic ball mill cylinder body are made of ceramic. Ceramic ball mill is a horizontal cylinder rotating device, a feeding part, discharging part, a rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts. Outer gear, two warehouses, lattice type basalt crusher. Hollow shaft adopts steel castings, the liner is detachable, rotary gear hobbing with casting, ceramic ball mill price shell lining with wear-resistant, with good resistance to wear.

Ball as a grinding equipment and efficient, which is a single large production capacity, energy consumption of unit product is low, narrow size distribution of the products, high purity, good fluidity, vertical mill is a kind of superfine grinding equipment, production and processing has been widely applied in foreign white nonmetal miners industry, the current domestic large-scale non metal ore also tend to use the equipment technical process to produce the product of TSP, barite, limestone and other non-metallic minerals, through cooperating with ultrafine classification equipment and processing equipment, to achieve product fine production.Ceramic ball mill china mainly used for mixing, grinding, the product fineness uniform, power saving. Both dry...