What Values Can Be Seen from Greek Mythology

What Can be Seen from Greek Myths

Greek Myths, which seem to be a strong flavoured dish today, often shock us while we are reading. This is because these stories have very different values from modern ones, which make us feel that they are savage and less civilized. However, it is important for us to learn ancient Greek people’s thinking through Greek Myths. I choose some aspects to talk about.

Revolt, Struggle and Glory

Greek Myths are stories written with revolt and conquest. Every story is an exciting adventure. Heroes, who are offspring of god and human, are respected so much by ancient Greeks. They have great strength and wisdom to undertake great tasks, and they are the ones who always dare to challenge gods. Theseus, the King of Athens, was worshiped by people as a great warrior. Heracles, the greatest hero in Greek Myths, who did the famous 12 labours, though half man, was eventually accepted and honored by gods and became immortal. It is a victory of human beings, and ancient Greek people celebrate men’s greatness. By reading the adventure stories of these heroes, it is easy to know that GLORY is so important to ancient Greek people. They adore people with great strength and wisdom, who defend their land, people and dignity. This kind of thought reflects the fact that facing with the tough world, ancient Greeks have such a strong desire to conquer. It’s the spirit of courage and challenge makes those heroes alive. When offered two ways of life by goddess, Heracles chose the perilous, tough but glorious one. Greek people love pleasant and easy life, but they never hide their desire of challenging Nature and fighting with death. Though so many tragedies are created by them, ancient Greek people are optimistic and brave. Knowing well the unchangeableness of fate and the weakness of men, they never hesitate to revolt, struggle and fight. Honor is too precious to exchange with life.

Today, after more than 2000 years, we can say human beings have...