Personal Reflection

*   Heroes in sports;
  *   Heroes in the entertainment world;
  *   Heroes in history;
  *   Heroes celebrated in school; 
  (i.e., those for which there are school holidays)
  *   Heroes in fiction (literature—characters or authors);
  *   Heroes in science;
  *   Heroes who have been “life savers.”

Aboriginals – Australians were obnoxious, uncaring, insincere. Introduced disease and were mistreated.
Stolen generation.
18th Century – Gold Rush Period   -   Diverse cultures were brought to Australia but were looked down upon, disgusted and discriminated
20th Century – Post European Colonies ; After World War II, Australia was in fear they’ll be taken over by the Japanese. Forces were in Britain hence no forces were back home to help protect the country.
Campaigns were brought in resulting the promotion of immigration. Diversity was brought in, Australia is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities with 200 languages been spoken throughout Australia.
Australia is known for their kindness and generosity for others.

Egalitarian – Equality for everything.

“Willingness to keep fighting, to keep going, Is what makes a hero.”
^ - Newton

- Courage, love for his country, endure hardship.
- Reminds what we have lost because of war but also the memories we have gained.
- Resilient + devotion

Lynne Sawyers
In fostering children, Lynne Sawyers travels hundreds of kilometres every week, prepares up to 15 meals a day, washes clothes, sews, bakes and raises funds.
  * She has fostered more than 200 children, many of whom arrived on her doorstep with huge problems, physical, intellectual and emotional.
  * Her warmth, humour and generosity have had an enormous impact on these children. B
  * ecause of her, many are now leading fulfilled, happy lives and have adopted Lynne as their ‘second mother’.
  * At the age of 68, she continues to do her very best to give these children a better chance at a good...