What Makes a Good Teacher


One of the main things I learnt from the session was that a warm smile and welcoming, friendly nature is an excellent way for a good teacher to introduce herself/himself to a group of students.   Immediately, any learner fears should start to reduce.

One of the main factors of being a “good teacher” is being able to ensure that all the learners being taught, regardless of abilities and learning styles, leave the class with the desired necessary information and subject knowledge that the teacher intended and the students wanted.

A teacher must not refer to notes constantly.   A good teacher must never deliver a session or topic that they are not wholly knowledgeable of, otherwise the class may pick up on this and confidence in the teacher could be lost.

A teacher must be able to adapt or change a session at any point.   Not all sessions run to plan and if necessary, a good teacher will be able to adapt the session accordingly, still keeping the main topic theme and learning outcomes.   Sometimes a teacher is unaware of the learner ability in the group until the session has started.   The level of teaching should be adjusted accordingly making sure that all learners, from the lowest level to the highest, all understand and learn during the session.   Active learner involvement and asking of questions during the session is important to show that learning is taking place

A teacher’s body language and communication skills are also vital to a good session.   A relaxed composure, but showing an “inviting stance and nature” will undoubtedly encourage learners to want to learn and ask further information.

Learners must never be afraid to ask questions or feel ridiculed or small during a session.   Sometimes learners can ask a question that the rest of the group may find the answer to obvious, but the teacher must never show this and treat every question with the total respect that it deserves....