How to Make a Good Oral Presentation


Make a good oral presentation could be easy but some aspects that we have to consider first of all, it means answer some questions:
  Who is our audience? Age, genre, if they are students or workers, if the group is hetero or homogeneous etc.
  Where are we going to expose our speech? In other word the context: it is clear that it is not the same if our audience is of middle age women in a meeting of amateur theater actresses or middle age women but in a conference for theater directors, for instance.
  When have we to talk? Starting a conference in the morning or closing it in the afternoon, maybe after days of different presentations, and, of course, how much time we will have to expose our speech.
  How we decided to talk about the subject? Formal or informal, using humor or/and metaphors, in general rhetoric features but not only, we have to consider as well if use images, sounds, material to distribute individually among our audience or live it free for those who want it, etc.
  What are we talking about? In my opinion this is the main question we have to answer. The subject of our speech determines mainly all the other parameters.

After we have considered carefully all these variables, there are some common point that mean to be kept in mind when we are planning our speech and during the exposition itself, while we are facing the public, and these are common for every kind of oral exposition we have to prepare. Let's have a look at them.

It is a good way to start with a pre-introduction of the speaker, ourselves (who we are, why we are there speaking, if we have any title to be there etc.) and the subject we are going to talk about. Introducing ourselves allows to create a connection with the audience: we could be very famous or well known, but a direct and human connection it is essential in order to ensure communication, to pull down emotional frontiers or walls. For the same reason use captatio...