Military History

This Article gave the military a whole new outlook in my mind. Not only did it portray the malicious deeds of what was back then called the militia, it also gave a whole new perspective, one that we usually do not have about the military. The military was not a respectable heroic position in society at that point, which makes it interesting to see how far the world has come from that stage. It is quite appalling that a military would steal, destroy, and cause havoc in towns rather than protect ad serve; to further harm the people, they would also steel children and rape women. These soldiers would rape not for sex, but for a sense of power and importance. This is disgusting and degrading to women. These acts went on un punished for years. As a result of this one third of the population died! That is a terribly high and alarming amount of people. Along with malicious acts was the act of contribution. Contributions also lead to the downfall of even some military men because they would starve or be deserted.
After years of contributions, abuse, and rape. There finally was a decline in rape these attacks became less common and were prosecuted more attentively. Rape was then used as more of a threat. This article was a bit hard to read , because of the torment the people were put through. But it is interesting to see how far the military has come, and I am happy it is no longer like this.