Vietnam History

Running Head: Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Iesha Frazier

National College

From 1946-1954 the major battle of Dien Bien Phu took place. The Vietnamese had struggled for their independence from France during the Indochina War. On March 2, 1946, Ho Chi Minh was elected president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. (Battle of Dien Bien Phu)   The North Vietnam within French controlled Indochina. (Battle of Dien Bien Phu)   North Vietnam came under the control of Vietnamese communists who had opposed France, and who aimed for a unified Vietnam under communist rule. (Vietnam War) The South was controlled by non-communist Vietnamese. (Vietnam War)   September 2, 1945, Ho used the occasion to declare the independence of Vietnam, which he called the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Emperor Bao Dai had abdicated the throne a week earlier. The Fench, however, refused to acknowledge Vietnam’s independence, and later that year drove the Viet Minh into the north of the country. There they regrouped as the Lien Viet Front, which sought a broader base of support, including moderates, it was front organization of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.   (Vietnam War)   On November 23, 1946, the French navy bombarded port of Haiphong. After fighting broke out in Haiphong the French warship shelled the city, killing 6,000 civilians and setting off a war that would last nearly thirty years. (Herring, p. 8)   So in December 1946, the French imposed martial law in Indochina. The Viet Minh had only 2,000 troops at the time Vietnam’s independence was declared, but recruiting increased after the arrival of French troops.   (Vietnam War) By the late 1940’s, Viet Minh had hundreds of thousands of soldiers and were fighting the French to a draw.   (Vietnam War)

May 19, 1947 Vietminh troops had attacked Saigon. They had destroyed all chances for alliance with the religious sects, by executing Huynh Phu So, the leader of Hoa Hao.   (First Indochina war)   September 1947...