What Is Happening to Our Memory?

What is happening to our memory?

If we want to define memory we can say it is the way that we store information and the way we retrieve them.

It has three stages:

• Encoding: Transforms sensory information into meaningful mental representation.
• Storage: Keeping encoded information in memory.
• Retrieval: Getting back stored information in case you need it.

But what well happen if we stop to use one of these stages?

In the modern life there are many new storage devices showing on the surface to help us saving such information as phone numbers, photos, and notes. Palm computers, mobile phones, scientific calculators…etc. have become a very important things that are playing the role of our memory, in other word we are more depending on them to serve us.
The first stage, encoding, well be there, because it means easily the five sense role. On the other hand the second and the third stages will be affected by the modern devices. So instead of sending the information to long term memory we will send them to these devices. Moreover the recall of the same information will be done by the same devices.
In conclusion the usage of modern devices will increase our laziness, which will lead to minimize the efficiency of our memory. Also it will disconnect the relation between what we store in our memory and what other thing that has a relationship with this memories. For example if a person who uses such devices came to new information he will find difficulties in linking them to what he has in his memory.