The Influence of Other People on Human Behaviour and Performance

The influence of other people on human behaviour and performance

In this essay we shall examine and assess the influence of other people on human behaviour and performance. When using the term “other people” we are generally referring to people who have an impact on our lives such as family members, teachers, friends and peers, we shall examine there influence drawing on examples from chapters 1 and 6 of Investigating Psychology.   We will then look at memory   which relates to   our performance rather than our behaviour.  
Let us look firstly at the large scale study that Adorno et al (1950) carried out and the findings he and his colleagues made .After the second world war people were left wandering how people could perform such atrocities and extreme violence. They asked the question was their a particular kind of person who could commit such acts of aggression. It is from this question that Adorno and his colleagues Frankel-Brunswik, Levinson and Sandford carried out there research on the Authoritarian personality by firstly sending out over 2000 questionnaires to people to gauged there personality traits. They then held interviews with 150 of the participants, half of which scored highly and half who were on the lower end of the authoritarian scale. The researchers used open questions to discover why they had or had not developed and authoritarian personality. They used a wide range of questions but were particularly interested in the ones relating to the participants family, childhood, social and sexual relationships. The reason for this being that they themselves were being influenced by psychoanalysis and psychoanalytical theory argued   that the importance of childhood   and parenting practices is crucial to the way the personality develops.   Therefore the research team set out to investigate any correlation between the scores   on the authoritarian personality scales and the data gathered from the interviews they held. Adorno argued that severe discipline...