How Can the Way in Which We Organize Our Thinking by Using Mental Images, Concepts and Schema Help Us Improve Our Memory?

How Can The Way In Which We Organize Our thinking By Using Mental Images, Concepts And Schema Help Us Improve Our Memory?

In this assignment I will discuss that there are ways in which we can organize the way we think and improve our memory, first I will talk about the use of mental images moving on to discussing different concepts and finally incorporating structured pre conceived ideas (schemas).

Mental images or iconic thought , is your minds way of   forming and thinking in pictures, you use mental picture in everyday life evens when recalling what someone looks like the use of mental pictures can be very effective when learning a new language .In starting with psychology (2010) Michael Raugh and Richard Atkinson (1975) developed an idea called the key word technique by which you take a word ,for example “poubelle” (pronounced pooh-bell) this is the French word for bin in English and form a large bizarre mental picture,
    broken down into English   the French word “poubelle” would be the equivalent of pooh and bell, this is classed as your key word because it is the English word or words, that sounds like the French word you are learning . You then form a mental picture from the English translation you have made, picture a bin in the shape of a bell and when lifting the lid holding your nose because of the pooh smell.
  Raugh and Atkinson (1975) tried and tested this out on a group of participants which were asked to learn a list of 60 Spanish words, half the participants were taught the key word technique and the other half the controlled group were not. Later when asked to recall those words the key word group managed to recall 88% of words compared to only 28% of the controlled group that did not learn the key word technique. This results in showing that the use of mental images can help aid us to improve our memory.
  Moving on, Concepts are our minds way of organizing our thoughts which help us put them into categories, this can be helpful when...