Professional Challenge

Approximately fourteen years ago I journeyed to the United States and settled into my new life and home. I left a significant part of my life in my native country of Mexico; I left behind my rights and license to practice medicine. However I did not ever leave my passion for helping people in the contex of medicine. My greatest challenge would be mastering the language of English and patience. I knew 14 years ago I would need both to relive my personal goals of being a medical practitioner.
In my native country I was fortunate to learn English throughout my years in school, however reading and understanding did not translate into proficient pronunciation or effective communication. Becoming proficient in English represented professionalism and an essential requirements for me to pursue my goals. To overcome this challenge I chose to work in the medical field, and in an environment that predominantly spoke English. The medical field allowed me to polish my English skills, practice reading and writing in English, and become familiar with the medical practices and disciplines in the United States. My work experience in the past 14 years taugh me the use of common expressions and idioms particularly in the medical setting. I spent many gratifying hours assisting medical providers in the care of their patients by translating English to Spanish and vice versa.. My second challenge would be patience.
My daugther is my greatest gift. It was important to me to be present in her childhood and have patience to start working toward my personal goals later in life. I addressed this personal challenge by continuing to work part-time in the medical field, practicing my English skills and raising a wonderful teen-aged daughter. My patience was worth every year and has validated my deep interest in taking care of others. I am grateful to my family for their support and encouragement.
During all these years I reassured myself many times how...