Entanglements Between Welfare and Crime Control Policy.

With the help of at least two chapters of DVD1, show practices of surveillance provide examples of entanglements between welfare and crime control policy.

Today surveillance has become every day experience. We are monitored trough professionals, security cameras, guard’s electronic devices etc.   The issue of safety and security has made surveillance an effective tool to control crime and make us feel safe and cared for. It is so widely spread in today’s world that many of us feel that they are being watch all the time which can make us feel intimidated.

CCTV cameras can be seen in buses, streets, banks, work place even at home. As crime rises people feel safer walking, shopping or meeting in a secure environment like shopping centres which are equipped with cameras and security guards (The OU, 2008, DVD1, Chapter 1). It is good that you reference the source but you state that crime ‘rises’ without providing any evidence of that I think perhaps you could say ‘perceptions of crime’ as I don’t think there is evidence of actual rates given in the DVD.? REF.
Creating secure environment for shoppers and excluding potential treads threats to those within that centre. Incomplete sentence. Do you intend to say that the ‘Centre has been designed in order to...’ That is not without its faults as we can see from Claire’s experience, certain groups may be singled out and feel unwelcomed just because of the way they look. Yes see above.   The balance between being welcome and unwelcome can be difficult. Creating environment where everyone feels welcomed and safe is part of a long process where sometimes we need to look for ways on how to help certain individuals to be included into the society and help them by setting facilities where they can feel included. Will Heeson REF. See ETMA guidelines experience explained how the learning centre has helped him find alternative way of motivating him to continue his education and help other kids with similar issues. Fine but...