Welfare of Children

The subject   of   welfare of children   is a broad topic ,of great magnitude. There are many things which are to be considered for   the same. Wherever children are taken care of – whether it’s in their home by a childminder or in any nursery ,playschool or other settings- they have a right to feel safe and well looked after.
Everyone who works with young children has duties under law to ensure the safety and welfare of all children in their care and provide information to parents and carers about how those duties will be met.
 How and when to intervene when a child’s personal hygiene is interfering them playing with others
              When   young children enter an early years setting it’s the staffs responsibility to provide them care an safe environment. Young children are much dependent   upon the staff to attend their needs, to observe and support them and make sure they are treated well. So when it comes to personal hygiene   the staff should be vigilant that the basic personal   hygiene is maintained. Like their   hands are clean , they are not soiled or suffering from head lice   or runny nose. If the basic cleanliness is not their the staff should   intervene and take action accordingly. Like clean their hands or ask them to do it, clean them if they are soiled or have runny nose, and advice the parent or carer in case of head lice.
 How and when to intervene when a child’s hunger is effecting their ability to play
    When a child is hungry it effects their playing ability as they feel low in energy. Many times young children donot understand that they are hungry and can become irritable. At those times the staff should intervene and offer the   child some food.
 Occasions when it’s needed   to provide intimate personal care or help to a child

      Young children are mosly dependent on staff for their personal care as they themselves are not able to do so.   So in many occations the staff would need to provide intimate personal care such as taking...