Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People

Unit 3 Safeguarding The Welfare of Children and Young People

Explain the outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda (1.1).

Every Child Matters is every child is to be treated equally regardless of background, race, ability and sexual orientation.

It is recognised that every child should have the support they need. Children should be protected from harm, promoted from their well being. Every Child Matters is the national framework which gives them opportunities to provide services example schools, hospitals and the police for children.

There are five outcomes of every child matters: Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and achieve, Make a positive contribution and Achieve economic well being.

Be healthy is the development of healthy life style and healthy eating in children example sports, exercise, drinking of water. The Staff plan healthy meals and snacks for children. Schools have equipment for children to do physical education which is part of the curriculum. They can also eat five fruits a day both at school and at home.

Stay Safe involves children in creating a safe environment. The staff should check the environment and resources to see if it is suitable for the children. Staff should have training regularly and plan policies and procedures example child protection, protecting young people from bullying and other danger and be CRB checked. Children should be safe from harm.

Enjoy and achieve is enjoying education and training. Children’s progress should be monitored. They should be provided with child –initiated and adult led activities. Allow children to challenge, be creative and do problem solving. Children have freedom of choices.

Making a positive contribution children and young people learn about the environment and create an environment that has choices and decision making. Encourage children to explore own identity and show respect for their contributions. By making young people develop independent behaviour.

Economic Well –being...