Week 3 France Paper

How concerns for security, strength, and wealth led the empire to enter these alliances.
In the World War I France were had good security really strong strength and manage the allies and hold the Western front and attack the Eastern front until the defeat of their Central powers and their allies.   In 19th century France allies were victories.   In the World War II France alliances were defeated and were replaced with an authoritarian regime.   France lost a lot of civilian people, soldiers and huge material loses.   That was not good time for France.   The France was entering their alliances by fighting with the other countries to get more alliances.   All depending how strong their soldiers were and how won the war that mean increasing or decreasing on their alliances.   The strength of the army and good military equipment was the key to have more and more land and that’s what they wanted in the first place.

How concerns for security, strength, and wealth led the empire to seek to expend colonial holdings.
French colonial emporium has two phases.   First phase was the grown of the French emporium in North America and India.   In 18th century France had a lot of attacks on their colonies by Great Britain that they were fighting for as long as seven years and at the end of that war France lost their North American and India holdings. But France manages to keep wealthy Caribbean Island of Saint-Dominique, Guadeloupe and Martinique.   (1) In the second phase France got the French Indochina that includes Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.   France had their military control in Africa Tunisia, Algeria, Chad, Madagascar and Djibouti.   In 19th century France had growth of the Second French colonial empire and interventions in Belgium, Mexico and Spain.   In 1914 France had their territory in over 13,000,000 km2 of land and about 110 million people living.   In that time France was the third largest nation on earth.   After the World War II France lost a lot of their territories that...