Week 1 Paper

University of Phoenix Material

Complete the table by comparing the forms of Hinduism and contrasting them with Jainism.

|                     |Jnana Yoga           |Karma Yoga           |Bhakti Yoga           |Raja Yoga             |Jainism               |
|                     |The spiritual         |The spiritual         |The spiritual         |The “royal”           |Jainism means “the     |
|                     |discipline of         |discipline of         |discipline of         |discipline of         |path of non-violence” |
|Explain the Meaning   |knowedgle and         |selfless action.     |devotion to a deity   |meditation.           |                       |
|of the Name           |insight.             |                     |or guru.             |                     |                       |
|                     |                     |                     |                     |                     |                       |
|                     | Concerns itself with|concerns itself with | concerns itself with|concerns itself with |- Concerns itself with|
|                     |enhancing the supreme|directing each       |supreme bliss and     |mastering not only   |the enhancement of     |
|Explain the Basic     |and unique self.     |individual activity   |love enjoyment.       |consciousness but     |self-effort so as to   |
|Concepts             |mostly favored by     |to the supreme will. |- Excellent for       |thought as well hence|liberate the soul     |
|                     |people who are       |- Mostly favored by   |individuals who are   |the perfection of     |while moving in the   |
|                     |intellectually       |action oriented       |emotionally oriented.|both the mind and     |direction of divine   |
|                     |oriented as its       |people.               |                     |body.                 |consciousness.         |
|                     |practices involve     |                     |                     |- Has eight...