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Management Behavior
Alfredo Jasso III
HRM 531
November 12, 2010
Dr. Odell Brown

November 11, 2010
MEMO TO: Management Team
From: Alfredo Jasso III
RE: Merging and Management
Dear Team,
“I hope that everyone has had an opportunity to read the letter from David Spencer dated February 22, 2005 announcing that InterClean, Incorporation officially has acquired EnviroTech, which was one of the company’s major competitors” (University of Phoenix, 2010, p. 4). By both companies merging together the company can start implementing David Spencer’s plan to offer the best service solutions packages for the customers. Acquiring both companies’ expertise and resources, InterClean expects to have a significant large modification on future results, and as a company could move closer to becoming a domestic market. “Over the next four months, we will be working to merge both teams and realign our organizational structure around the new vision” (University of Phoenix, 2010, p. 5).   I can understand some team members are concern about the merging of both companies, but I want to remind everyone how important it is to show excellent management behaviors to our team. Those management behaviors pertain to productivity, employment laws, and a diverse work environment for the continued success of InterClean, Incorporation.
The First important item that is critical especially when two companies are merging is I want for the team to focus on how the impact of a managers behavior can have on productivity. “When it comes to managing people, however all managers must be concern to some degree with the following five activities: staffing, retention, development, adjustment, and managing change” (Cascio, 2005, p. 6).   This theory could not be any truer than at a time that we have two major companies merging.   For...