Aboriginal Education 18th Century

Aboriginal education

There was no such thing as different types of schools such as grammar schools, schools run by parishioners, or anything like that
The children were taught by the elders of the tribe and relatives taught them something’s as well. They didn’t wear any uniform, as the aboriginals didn’t usually wear any clothes at all. Aboriginals did not have school buildings or classrooms. Paper books and pens were not used by the aboriginals so they used natural items instead for example images were drawn in the sand.

They had oral traditions but no recorded history. The elders taught through stories (mainly dreamtime stories), dance (corroberi) and different forms of art. The knowledge that was taught by the elders had been passed for generations and was expected to continue to do this. The children’s education, no matter if you were a girl or boy, continued until the time of their initiation of becoming adults.

All aboriginals went to school as there was no fees that needed to be paid. All the children went to the same type of school. They all wee taught why and how the world came to be by the elders and life skills by relatives. The uncles taught the boys hunting and gathering skills and knowledge about their land, while the aunties taught the girls cooking and motherly skills. The aboriginals didn’t know any maths or English, but this type of knowledge was useless to them and to there culture.