Guillermo - Wee 6 Assignment -

Guillermo Furniture Store Paper  
The majority of companies today are facing the same challenges as Guillermo Furniture Store.   Guillermo examined the impact of an expanding local economy and observed opponents and current equipment manufacturing the identical furniture while sustaining economical costs (University of Phoenix, Guillermo Furniture Store Scenario, 2010).   Enhancements in robotics and machinery, alongside decreasing costs and higher production standards have generated a progressively more competitive furniture market throughout the world.   Guillermo Furniture should use budget and performance reports to evaluate and collect useful data to determine what accounting information is more relevant to consider for Guillermo Furniture Store moving forward into the future.   Guillermo Furniture Store must also weigh in on ethical account decisions moving forward into the future.  
Cost Relationships and Behaviors

Decision-making is a daily affair that managers must make and managers at Guillermo Furniture Store must make business decisions about cost relationships and behaviors.   An important area to discuss at Guillermo Furniture Store is how cost behaviors can influence the decision-making sanctions and policies of managers.   These cost relationships and behaviors can shape managers assessments and choices in diverse ways.   Cost behaviors are a way of describing the changes and accessibility that costs contain in relation to changes in production and sales (Action Plan Marketing, 2010).  
Variation in production and sales is evaluated when there is an alteration in activity.   These relationships have an affluence of information that aid a business to comprehend better its procedures and can also assist with determining CVP (cost volume profit) relationships (Action Plan Marketing, 2010).   How Guillermo chooses to allocate costs is a huge element of cost behavior and relationship analysis.   Recognizing how a cost responds to a change in the level of...