Web Services Interoperability in Online Sales

Web services interoperability in online sales

Morar Gabriela Andreea
Babeş – Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Supervisor: Professor Nicolae Tomai, PhD

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to give an example of how to improve communication between suppliers and retailers using web services interoperability.   Web services, at their core, are technologies designed to improve the interoperability between the different application development platforms that exist today. By developing several web applications (in PHP, ASP.Net and a mobile device application) I gave a practical example of how to create a SOAP web service using NuSOAP libraries (on Linux platform using PHP), and how to consume it using SOAP clients written in different programming languages and running on different platforms.
      The web service has the role of giving information to retailers about the products that are being sold by the supplier (quantity of products available in stock, their specific features, products’ pictures and categories of products available). The estimated result is a faster and better communication between members of the supply chain as web services possess immense potential to make supply chains more agile and competitive through the quick and secure dissemination of information.

Keywords: web service, SOAP, NuSOAP, interoperability, supply chain, ASP.NET client, PHP client, web service Smart client

1. Introduction

      What is a web service? “A web service is a collection of protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications or systems “[1].
      Web services are the fundamental building blocks in creating distributed applications that work over the Internet. They are becoming the platform for application integration because of their open standards and their focus on communication and collaboration among applications and people.
One of the greatest web services benefits is...