Web Design 3

Usability features of three selected websites.
Usability features of Tesco.
Navigation: The Tesco website has very good navigation as it has a headed home page featuring ‘quick links’ in which customers can be directed and find what they are looking for within a couple of clicks. It is very important for a website like Tesco to ensure they live up to the ‘3 click rule’ and this means that a customer can go the page of the website they wish to view in just a few clicks. Tesco also features a navigation bar at the bottom of the page with more ‘quick links’, with a site map and this means that if a customer does not know what specific section they wish to view that they can click on the site map and can simply scroll through to find the page.
Language: The language used throughout the Tesco website is very simple and easy to understand. The font and words used are very plain, simple and large enough so the person viewing the website can easily view the content they wish and this means that the website cannot be misinterpreted by the customer and this means that the information of the website is communicated effectively.
Efficiency: The Tesco website is very efficient and can be used with ease and the website tries to keep to the three click rule which would entail the customer being able to access whichever webpage they wish within three clicks, there are not ‘dead pages’ in the site in which none of the content works and every feature that any Tesco store has to offer would be available through the site.
Accuracy: The website is very accurate in the sense that all of the information provided in the website would be relevant to what the customer would be trying to view and this means that the customer is not constantly being re-directed to any pages in which they cannot view the content they wish to view.
Speed of response: The websites pages load quickly and well and this means that the customer will not be waiting for an extended period of time to...