Initial Web Design Document

Initial Web Design Document to open further discussions with client
Example website: E-Save Plus.
This essay was submitted for the London Open College Network (LOCN) Level 3 in Web
Design & Management.
The mainstay for this example website is an electronic device, The Smart Box, that enables
huge savings on telephone calls.

Document contents

The audience
Competition Analysis
Pages Content
Colour scheme

The purpose of the site is to promote my Network Marketing business as an Independent
Distributor for a telephony company, E-Save Plus. A web site is a particularly effective
medium as it gives the customer 24-hour access to ordering products and/or services.
Specificc areas to concentrate on are:
 Introduce and retail the unique money-saving electronic device, aptly named, The Smart
 Promote the ancillary products and services offered by the enterprise.
 Establish a presence in the online business community.

The audience
For The Smart Box:
The intended audience falls into two categories:
1. The device applies to all phone bill payers in the home and in the business sector
2. It is an opportunity for individuals to enlist as distributors and earn serious residual
income, since as long as customers use the device, the distributor earns commission
on the call costs.This aspect is the core of the business idea - hence, the web site.
For Freephone Numbers:
It is worthy of mentioning that ‘ freephone numbers’ simply mean ‘collect calls’. At such a
competitive rate compared to BT, these are particularly relevant to larger companies which rely
on them to boost their businesses. On the home front, they represent added security for
children to be able to phone parents at home, when this would otherwise be impossible.
For the other ancillary products/services: (q.v. “Content” section)
The company is reliant on Network Marketing through Independent Distributors and does not
engage in...