We Will Adopt Different Methods in Ore Beneficiation

Mixed ore beneficiation.Generally,we will adopt flotation beneficiation. It can be processed separately, or together with the sulfide ore. And also can adopt flotation and wet smelting combined processing, that is to say, copper concentrate selected firstly by flotation, the tailings after flotation are processed in wet smelting.Oxidation ore beneficiation. Generally, we adopt flotation and wet smelting combined method or separation and flotation combined processing. we adopt wet smelting processing to deal with ore which has large content of cooper oxide.

After a time of roughing, roughing a tailings again carries on the second rougher and rougher two concentrate on selected. The concentrate and roughing are copper and nickel. Its concentrate on secondary sorting get the last copper concentrate pulp, secondary separation tailings to return to a sorting. Secondary roughing of tailings is sent to the hydrocyclone for classification by the pipes. Classification base flow into the ball mill for grinding again after return to cyclone. Then the last nickel concentrate pulp and total tailings pulp is gained.

Beneficiation of single sulfide copper ore: Generally, it adopts flotaion.Beneficiation of polymetallic sulfide ores. Generally, according to the different processing technology of main components and the characteristics, we will adopts mixed flotation, preferred flotation, mixed and preferred flotation, flotation and gravity combined beneficiation, flotation and magnetic separation combined beneficiation, flotation and wet smelting combined method.

Griding and classification of nickel ore dressing processing line: The ore in round ore bin is fed to into the ball mill for grinding by electric vibration feeder. The grinding mineral content is sent into hydrocyclone for classification. The bottom flow return to ball mill for grinding. The overflow is enter agitation tank for mixing by the pipeline.According to the different proportion of copper oxide and...