Some Basic Principles of Ore Beneficiation Site Selection

1. Generally, the ore beneficiation site should be close to mine. But it also can be close to factory if it is close to mine or the water, quartz crushing machine india electricity and energy supply is limited. The concentrate store of ore treatment plant can be combined with the user's storage bin to save investment. In order to avoid concentrate loss during transportation or the enterprise has excessive heat to dry products, the ore beneficiation plant also can be build near factory. If the mining mineral is dispersed, we can build the ore beneficiation plant in a reasonable place between mine and factory to achieve the least comprehensive transportation fee. We shouldn't build it on ore body, magnetic anomaly area, caving boundary and dangerous blasting areas.
2. The landform of ore beneficiation site should be suitable for ore beneficiation process as much as possible. Apart from size, the best situation is that the ore pulp can achieve automatic flow, ball milling machine then half-automatic flow, then pressurization. The suitable slope of crushing plant is 25° or so and the slope of main factory is 15° or so. If there is no suitable landform, we should consider its water discharging. The ore beneficiation plant with half-automatic flowing should be between the above two situations in slope.
3. We should conform to the land saving principle. No matter to build factory on slopes or on the ground, we should save land as much as possible, especially the fertile field. As for the tailings store, we should reclamation it under permitting conditions.
4. The tailings store should adopt the low valleys or depressions, mobile crushers for sale making the least construction work of engineering project at the same time of achieve biggest volume capacity. The tailings site should be close to ore beneficiation site to save transportation fees. We also should avoid tailings pollution to environment, river, agriculture and living area.

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