The Effect of Temperature on Gold Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Gold ore beneficiation equipment working environment temperature has great influence on   beneficiation result. the temperature here is not only referring to the environment temperature, but also including mechanical friction temperature in operation. So, what’s the impact of temperature on gold ore beneficiation equipment ?

Normally under high temperature, the iron of gold ore react strongly, and also generates some complex intermediates, they are not stable and easy to be discomposed under heating. The reaction phenomena shows that the higher the temperature, the more black material in the final product under the hydrothermal conditions, thus, the black substance in the final product is the result of unstable intermediates in precursor decomposition when proceed hydrothermal reaction.

The heating power we adopt in beneficiation depends on the gold weight and heating materials, the gold mine process control requirements are: each furnace heating time is half an hour, weight 120 kilograms, heated to a temperature of about 1300 ℃, the induction efficiency is 50% to 60%. Change the frequency furnace structure of gold ore beneficiation equipment, put emphasis on furnace, renovation materials and other factors, the asbestos board, sensors, refractory materials need to be selected carefully. Take the sensor as an example, the sensor of gold ore beneficiation equipment should be made of special-shaped steel pipe coil to guarantee the cooling water enter from the upper and discharge from the down.

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