Was Margaret Thatcher a Good Pm

Was Margaret Thatcher a Prime Minister?
Margaret Thatcher, The confident conservative prime minister. Many citizens that lived during her rule say she was what Britain needed at the time. However to the north of Britain she is recognised more as a tyrannical tory, although this is probably consequence of her actions against the miners. Thatcher revolutionised economic Britain forever.

The Winter of Discontent, the Mid-wife of Thatcherism. It built the environment for her to be delivered into government and recklessly attack the miners who had a long history of challenging government. As Thatcher succeeded in her war against the miners a huge long term advantage for government was created. They would no longer have to deal with as aggressive strikers of the trade union that challenged them. She lacked empathy for the Miners and the trade union when they refused to work, causing great inconvenience to day to day life for ordinary citizens. She therefore treated them recklessly, most likely as she understood that they were infiltrated by left wingers and labour members. She looked scornfully upon the mentality of the Miners as she knew it was one of the reasons for Britain’s economic state. The miners wanted to “keep tradition” by having their families mine for generations , the ship builders too. They were useless and brought in no profit and provided little to no service. Britain has lost competitive respect from the rest of Europe. In Thatcher’s reluctance to re-open the mines there was a devastation union strike that lasted a year. This is where the cold brutality of Thatcher comes into play. Many union workers children and families were left hungry, badly clothed, dirty and didn’t even have Christmas presents. Thatcher had probably not considered the amount of lives she would be ruining, or maybe she did; but she lacked empathy for the miners and understood that they must be crushed. Thatcher may have lacked compassion for the miners but she was heavily...