Roald Dahl The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl Volume II Complete and Unabridged This further collection of Roald Dahi's adult short stories, from his world-famous books, again includes many seen in the television series, TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. Through the stories runs a vein of macabre malevolence, springing from slight, almost inconsequential everyday things. These bizarre plots--spiced with vibrant characters and subtle twists and turns--are utterly addictive. First published in Great Britain in 1991 'Someone Like You' � Roald Dahl 1948, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1961 'The Umbrella Man', 'Mr Botibol', 'Vengeance is Mine mc' and 'The Butler' � Roald Dahl 1973, 1980 'Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life' � Roald Dahl 1976, 1989 'The Bookseller' � Roald Dahl 1986 'The Hitchhiker' � Roald Dahl 1977 'The Surgeon' � Roald Dahl 1986

CONTENTS SOMEONE LIKE YOU Taste Lamb to the Slaughter Man from the South The Soldier My Lady Love, My Dove Dip in the Pool Galloping Foxley Skin Poison The Wish Neck The Sound Machine Nunc Dimittis The Great Automatic Grammatizator Claud's Dog The Ratcatcher Rummins Mr Hoddy Mr Feasey EIGHT FURTHER TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED The Umbrella Man Mr Botibol Vengeance is Mine Inc. The Butler Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life The Bookseller The Hitchhiker

The Surgeon


Taste THERE were six of us to dinner that night at Mike Schofield's house in London: Mike and his wife and daughter, and my wife and I, and a man called Richard Pratt. Richard Pratt was a famous gourmet. He was president of a small society known as the Epicures, and each month he circulated privately to its members a pamphlet on food and wines. He organized dinners where sumptuous dishes and rare wines were served. He refused to smoke for fear of harming his palate, and when discussing a wine, he had a curious, rather droll habit of referring to it as though it were a living being. 'A prudent wine,' he would say, 'rather diffident and evasive, but quite prudent.' Or, 'A...