Women now have taken an important which is a taking a different role from what they could have had in the past.   In the novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Miss Brodie takes a leadership role over her pupils.   Her pupils are her products called the “Brodie Set”.   Her students are automatically recognized by others as Miss Brodie’s disciples. Miss Jean Brodie’s role is to make her students think the way she does even though she is judged by the headmistress to be teaching useless information. “At that time they had been immediately recognizable as Miss Brodie’s pupils, being vastly informed on a lot of subjects irrelevant to the authorized curriculum, as the headmistress said, and useless to the school as a school”   (Spark pg. 10).

      Miss Brodie did not follow the teaching methods of the teachers at her school. She took a different approach to teach her students.   Her teachings were knowledge that was not presented in the school.   She wanted her students to be more open to information that others fail to be informed about even though it was against school rules. “She turned to the blackboard and rubbed out with her duster the long division sum she always kept on the blackboard in case of intrusions from outside during any arithmetic period when Miss Brodie should happen not to be teaching arithmetic” (Spark pg 67).

      As the leader of the Brodie set, Miss Jean Brodie was able to direct the educational path of her students.   There’s a part of the story where her pupils are moving up the senior class, and are to choose the classical or modern curriculum.   Miss Jean Brodie recommends to her students to take the classical course.   All but one student named Mary takes the coursed recommended by their teacher because the prime minister was suspicious about Brodie’s work therefore the minister denied Mary’s request for the course.   “She remembered that Mary had in common with all Miss Brodie’s girls, applied to go on Classical side, but had been refused. Now...