Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb
On August 6th 1945 and August 9th 1945 the United States launched an attack on the Japanese. President Truman felt there was no other option besides the attack. Some argue saying no it was not. Others say it was absolutely was the right thing to do. Well I’m going to tell you what I think
To end the war with Japan we launched two atomic bombs. One on Hiroshima and another on Nagasaki. Both attacks killed over 340,000 people, most of whom were civilians. Can you imagine if the Japanese attacked us like that? Some if not most of us would not be here today. We also got very lucky they did not use one back on us.
Some effects if the bombs were for the people who lived, radiation, loss of everything and even death after a while. The bombs cleared over 1626 feet in every direction. The bomb went off so fast and disinagrated the people so fast that they’re shadows were left on the street or on buildings. Just think. Most of those people probably didn’t even know what was happening or even what hit them. Many adults were killed leaving young children or babies behind resulting in the death of the baby because no one was there to take care of them.
Since the atom bomb had never been tested, by launching it we also risked something going wrong and blowing up Washington or some other part of the world which could have ended up with an even bigger war then what was happening.
The incredible cost of developing the atomic bomb was itself an incentive for its use in World War II.  The cost of creating the atomic bomb was approximately two billion dollars.  If you convert that cost into today’s dollars the cost of its development would near $20 billion.  To put this in perspective, in today’s dollars the total cost of all the bombs, mines, and grenades used throughout the entire Second World War was only $31.5 billion and the total cost of all the small arms materiel used in the entire war was only $24 billion. That is money we would have had to spend if we...