Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb as a Solution

Was the Unites States justified in using the atomic bomb against Japan at

the end of World War Two? I believe that the United States was justified to use the

atomic bomb against the Japanese because it ended the war, the Japanese had time to

surrender, it showed the world how powerful the bomb was and prevented future use, and

also an invasion of the island would have resulted in just as many if not more casualties.

The war could have lasted a lot longer than it did and more innocent lives could have

been lost. The Japanese were not the only ones that we had to worry about defeating   in

this war.

The first reason why I believe that the United States was justified in using the

bomb was because it ended the war. We, the United States, asked the Japanese to

surrender in early August. But when we asked them they said no that they would never

surrender. Many make the argument that it’s in their culture to not surrender but they

should care more about their people and keep the innocent from being killed   Even after

we had dropped both bombs the Japanese still tried getting around surrending. If we

would have shelled the island it wouldn’t have got them to surrender as fast as they did, it

Lee 2

wouldn’t have shaken their government enough to get them to.   By this time we had more

casualities then the Japanese and we were running out of options. The Japanese still had

2.4 million soldiers in Japan. We had the alternative of invading the island but that would

have resulted in just as many casualties if not more. The Japanese knew that they couldn’t

defend the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa they used those to scare us of the numbers

lost. Even though we got control of those islands we suffered more casualties then they

did. With how many we lost on the islands we figured that if we invaded Japan millions

more of American lives would be...