War with No Ending

There are many categories of artistry such as drawing, painting, acting, doodling, dancing,

Much more. First you must have a artistic mind. Many artist have very artistic minds.

With a little inspiration you can draw anything that comes to mind. Second try watching

cartoons, reading comics, and even watching other artist at work to get a feel on how

drawing or doodling works. Third try different type of drawing there are drawing that

look very realistic and cartoon drawing to see which one fits your drawing ability. Fourth

use your imagination to good use. Many cartoon shows or comics that were made

throughout time were made by imaginative people. Fifth drawing does require little

mathematics’ such as shapes and sizes of your drawings. Sixth there are different

kinds of themes for a drawing or cartoon such as romance, comedy, action, adventure,

and many more. You can choose from any of them or you can mix some together to

make a great cartoon. Seventh practice ever time you have free time to master drawing

challenges you have, even the greatest of artist have challenges. If you are a novice to

And don’t have a clue what to do, go to an expert and if you cant get to an expert try

Asking a person who has a little experience with cartooning and or drawing. And last but

Not least try your best in every picture you draw make sure to follow these rule and you

Will be one your way to be an expert artist and remember try you best in whatever you draw and whatever you do. Congratulation and good luck to you.