Walt Disney Approach to Motivation

(Motivational strategies of successful, cutting-edge corporations)
Walt Disney motivational strategies are successful because the company values each employee and shows that each employee is vital for the team. The motivational strategies that are used allow the company to choose employees who seek self direction and enjoy working, and the company has a strong belief that the company’s employees are creative.
The motivational strategies begin at the first day of becoming an employee. The first day an employee begins orientation, which is called Training. During training the employees learn the ideology of Disney by learning the dream and mission of Disney (Sparks, 2007). This allows the employees to feel a part of the company and understand the companies process, and purpose. The company uses classes to teach employees good organizational culture by teaching motivation by observing group behaviors (Sparks, 2007). The behaviors are taught during training. The constant training motivates employees to learn new things, and to be a part of changes within the company.
Walt Disney also offers rewards and incentives to their employees for hard work. “One of these incentives is private events held in Disney theme parks. This allows the recipient to have an area of the park shut down to the public and available for his or her exclusive use” (Johannes, 2005 pg1). Another incentive would be individual or group offers to movie premiers, and other combination of rewards.  
The training along with communication and rewards allow successful motivation. Walt Disney believes that to have happy guests at the Walt Disney resorts they must have happy employees. Disney determines the happiness of the employees by distributing a survey to the employees about the management performance (Sparks, 2007). The survey determines communication skills, management problems, and ideas to improve the company. After the survey is distributed a meeting is held to address the concerns to...