Mission Statement

      The Disney Corporation’s mission statement is clear and concise. The purpose of Disney’s existence is “to make people happy.” Walt Disney said it best, “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality”(Disney, 2008). The Walt Disney Company has filled the lives of many people with joy and happiness for 85 years and has been an outstanding organization that has succeeded not only in stimulating intrigue and childish imagination in a personal level but has also exceeded in aspects such as technology, globalization, and diversity.

Organizational structure

      The Disney Corporation consists of many different entities which include the Company itself, the amusement parks, and various department stores. The center of the Disney Corporation and accountable for all of the industries is the Company itself.   The Walt Disney company's organizational structure is encompassed with an experienced and knowledgeable management team.   These people are vital for upholding Disney's overall success. The organizational structure first consists of the Chairman of the Board, John E. Pepper then, the President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert A. Iger.   The management team under the Pepper and Iger is comprised of eight individuals from different units, such as Global Security, Corporate Communications, Worldwide Government Relations, etc.   This structure only applies to the Walt Disney Company's Organizational Structure.
      The first amusement park opened in Anaheim, California in 1952. At the present, there are 11 theme parks on three continents. The theme of the parks is the place “Where Dreams Come True.” Since the first park opened, the Disney Corporation has included superlative Disney Cruise Lines, eight Disney Vacation Club resorts, Adventures by Disney and five resort locations, which includes the 11 theme parks.
      The last entity of the Disney...