Walmat Class Action Lawsuit

Wal-Mart lawsuit summary

Wal-Mart lawsuit has been growing in the past years. Many employees have been concerned about Wal-Mart not following the FLSA rules and regulation due to not paying their employees for time work. Worker has also complained about the bad treatments they have been facing at work. Wal-Mart has also made it their mission to hire college students, and senior citizens who are supplementing an income that they already have or considering second-income for their families. But hiring at Wal-Mart has not always been a big issue; the biggest issue Wal-Mart is facing now is due to gender discrimination. According to the two part article on Wal-Mart (Global Giant), many women have been exploited, and not being compensated equally to men. Many women have contested to the fact that they are being paid lower then the men in comparable positions. Also, women feels like they have been target to work more hours, come in early then normal time, and do extra work then they would normally do. All of these complaints have landed to the Supreme Court.
Even though Wal-Mart is the biggest lucrative department store in the country, they still seem to struggle with their negative image in regards to being connected to law suits and sweat shops. So how can Wal-Mart create a safe and better company that is not associated with these negative remarks? I believe one way is to start conducting fair stander hiring practice: how should they identify candidates and select people to hire to address this problem?  
According to the EEOC, Wal-Mart’s London Distribution Center denied jobs to female applicants from 1998 through February 2005. In this case, EEOC found that Wal-Mart was being very sexist by hiring only men to operate in the warehouse distribution center of London.   During the interview process, Wal-Mart made it very clear to the women who applied that warehouse positions were not suitable to...