Satyam and Sebi

Mastery Project
Conduct a study and prepare detailed notes on developments happening in Satyam computer services ltd.
The study must contain information on role of SEBI, fluctuation of share prices of concerned companies, Regulatory affairs and your appraisal of the situation.

Satyam Computer Services Ltd : And   Introduction

Satyam Computer Services Ltd. is headquartered at Hyderabad, India. It was founded by B.Ramalinga Raju in 1987, Satyam meaning "truth" in Sanskrit. It offers a variety of IT services spanning across different industry verticals. Satyam's network spans 55 countries, across six continents.
The company employs over 52,865 IT professionals across development centers in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan and Australia. It serves over 489 global companies, 156 of which are Fortune 500 corporations. Satyam has strategic technology and marketing alliances with over 50 companies.
Apart from Hyderabad, it has development centers in India at Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bhubaneswar.

Time line for Satyam

1987 - Incorporated as a Private Limited Company
1988-1992 – IPO
1993-1996 - Satyam Technology Center established
1997-2000 - Presence in 30+ Countries
2001-2004 - Founded Satyam BPO
2005-2008 - Acquisition of Bridge Strategy, Citisoft, Knowledge Dynamics, Nitor Solutions, S&V Management Consultants. 30+ Global Solution centers.

Post 2008:

Satyam was linked in scandal involving Maytas properties and Maytas Infra Limited in 2008 in Ramaraju’s last attempt to cover up the gaps in their balance sheet.

A brief introduction about Maytas.

Maytas Properties is a   property development company founded in 2005. The Ernst & Young is the statutory auditor of Maytas Properties. It is run by Mr. Rama Raju, younger son of Mr. B. Ramalinga Raju. This is a privately held company.

Maytas Infra Limited is An...