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W100   Rules. Rights and Justice

Answer   1


The Sunbeds (Regulation)   Act   2010 states : Salon operators have   to prevent under-18s from using sunbeds .   Under age people cannot have access the services in a customer capacity. A Sunbed business should not make any offer to young people to use their services.

The sunbed premises are restricted zone for under 18’s.     If the sunbed area for business use, that means it is a restricted zone.   A restricted zone must be created around sun beds, which underage people must not enter.

The act states under 18 person cannot use sunbed in relevant premisies. Relevant premises means, occupied and under management of sunbed business and also not   a domestic property.


The Sunbeds   (Regulation)   Act   2010 section 2,subsection 6 states, the possible punishment for a person carrying on a sunbed business is guilty of an offence is maximum £20,000. It is the maximum fine, it can be even less than this amount but no more than £20,000.

Answer 2

Section 3 provides for an exemption from the duties in section 2(1) where a sunbed is used for the purposes of medical treatment under the supervision or direction of a registered medical practitioner, the sunbed is in, or provided by, a healthcare establishment (as defined) and the sunbed is made available only for the purpose of medical treatment.

Where the conditions for the exemption are met, a person aged under 18 may be allowed to use, or be offered the use of the sunbed, or be present in a restricted zone containing the sunbed, without an offence being committed by P.

It means, under 18 person, if uses the sunbed for medical reason,(such as for bad skin treatment) it is legal. Moreover the treatment has to be done by medical practitioner in   a healthcare establishment.

`...”healthcare establishment” means –

  a) In England, a hospital as defined by section 275 of the National Health   Service Act 2006:

  b) In Wales, a hospital as defined...