Vyktitva Aur Shiksha

Class     – I Time           –   2Hours
Subject – English Full Marks -   100

Attempt the entire question
  A. Answer the following questions:-
  1. Who wrote the poem ‘Boats sail on the races’?
  2. What was the lion doing under the tree?
  3. How did the mouse help the lion?
  4. Why did the wood cutter begin to weep?
  5. Who came out the river?
  6. What was the argue between the wind and the Sun?

  B. Fill in the blanks with suitable words:-
  1. The Sun warmed the air and the _________ ground.
  2. The Sun argued that there was great power in ________.
  3. First, the Goddess of river feared the wood cutter a _____ axe.
  4. The lion roared very _________.
  5.   There are _____ on the rivers.

  C. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statements:-
  1. Beet clouds are prettier than the boats and ships.
  2. Boats sail on the rivers.
  3. Ships sail on the trees.
  4. There are bridges on the roads.

  D. Match the words in ‘ Column A’ in ‘Column B’. one is done for you:-

Column “A” Column “B”

  1. Buns sound
  2. Around mail
  3. Mouse runs
  4. Tail house

  E. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions i.e. in, on, at, in:-
  1. The cup is ____ the table.
  2. The fish is ____ the jar.
  3. A hen is ____ the basket.
  4. The rat is ____ the table.
  5. The flowers are ____ the vase.

*************************** Best of Luck ***************************