Vulnerable Population

Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper

NUR 440 Version 3
January 16, 2012

Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper
This paper will examine the vulnerability of the Gil Martin and his blended family. Gil is a Hispanic Man who is married to a white woman who both have children from previous marriages. The vulnerability of the Hispanic population will be examined in this paper.

My personal awareness of the Hispanic population is that they were seen as generally large families with a lower education and more children and realatives living in their household then average. They were seen as being generally uneducated with lower paying jobs and the woman were usually housewives. This population was usually simplistic as far as their health awareness. It was stated that most of the Hispanic population only had a 6th grade education or less.
The Hispanic attitude was believed to be ignorant and simplistic. The biases were that communication had to be on a simplestic level and it was assumed that most of the Hispanic population believed in folklore medicine and were unable to grasp the concept of scientific medicine.. The typical stereotype of the Hispanic family was lower class, simple, poor and uneducated.

The main character of Gil Martin is in a blended family with multiple people in the household and unresolved conflicts. Gil is facing the stress of his wives surgery and his son and grandson and mother living in the same house hold with the other two teenage children from his marriage to Mary