Veterans Day

Beginning centuries before my time, many wars occurred between countries. Men were fighting to protect their native land, leaving their families for days, weeks, months, even years; some leaving and not even to return home. Progressing into latter years, wars became more and more frequent especially once a great nation was founded. Veterans Day means a lot more to me than just a Holiday that gets students a free day out of school. What Veterans Day means to me is courage, honor, and respect for all of the fallen soldiers, retired veterans, and soldiers who are still fighting today.
It takes courage for men and women to dedicate their lives to fight for our country to maintain its freedom. Not many people are brave enough to sign their lives over, leaving their families with broken hearts and not knowing what may occur within the rigid journey they prepare to encounter.   People don’t realize the hardships that go on through the duties and responsibilities a soldier is required to have. It takes courage to run past firing weapons of the enemy knowing they purposely want to end their lives. Courage is what makes them keep moving after they’ve seen their Conrad shot down and they have to leave them because they still have a task to accomplish. Courage is that of a soldier who still wakes up every morning with the determination and motivation that a country still has to be protected even when they deep down are scared out of their minds. Courage is the only thing they have to hold on to, to get them through their toughest days.
Honor is also a part of what Veterans Day should entail from everyone throughout the United States on this day. The uniforms alone that the soldiers wear makes you gaze in awe at all the shiny brass they’ve worked hard to earn and present to their fellow peers. We honor those who have lost their lives defending us, the soldiers who have been tortured and beaten and the ones still fighting today. We also honor the ones who are still living...