Veteran Letter

3856 Fanguae Road
Agana, Guam 18392
September 19, 1944

Dear Jessica,

      As you know, I’m stationed as a nurse in Guam. I never thought I’d see somebody die, right in front of my eyes, by an enemy soldier. I was walking outside on my break, when I heard a gunshot, I looked over and there was a man on the ground. I rushed over to try and help the fellow, when the enemy soldier appeared. I was scared out of my wits. I looked at him with great fear when he said, “Go”. I ran away so fast, I thought I left my heart there. I had to go back, I seemed I had left my heart there. The man had no pulse, I flipped him over to see if it was anybody I knew, the chances were slim, but there still was one. You will not believe who it was. Do you remember Jimmy from school? It was him. I think I cried for a few days. I packed up my bags and said I was to leave, or else I thought I would break down mentally and emotionally. As I was walking outside to leave, I saw an American troop marching down the dirt road. The flag was raised high overhead, the men look proud. I started crying right in that doorway. I knew why we were over here, and I knew I had to stay. We weren’t just fighting for nothing; we were fighting for our country, our freedom. We are representing the United States, and I can’t let them down.