Does Patriotism Still Matter?

Does Patriotism Still Matter?
    What is Patriotism? To me patriotism is when you show love and respect to the
soldiers who fought for the freedom of our country.
    I am a patriot because I support our troops and my great-grandpa who fought
in the Korean War and World War II. Some ways that I support my troops is by
wearing a yellow ribbon and sending care packages and by saying the Pledge of
Allegiance every day. We support our government by voting. Patriotism is love
and concern for our land and our people. You don’t have to be a hero to be a
patriot. Anyone can be a patriot by doing extra things that will make our country s
better place in which we live. Educating yourself about public issues, supporting
and voting for the best candidate and encouraging others to do the same.
    Some ways to celebrate patriotism is holidays like the Fourth of July, Memorial
Day, Veterans Day And 9/11. Other ways to celebrate are singing the Nation
Anthem at sporting events, saying the Pledge of Allegiance and putting up our
flag. Memorial Day is about all of the soldiers who have lost their lives while
fighting for our country and the families who have lost someone who fought in a
war. Veterans Day is about anyone who has fought in a war.
    Does Patriotism still matter? I think that patriotism still matters because if it
wasn’t for the soldiers who have fought for our country, we wouldn’t have any
freedom. The soldiers who fought and are fighting for us have to leave everything
behind to keep us safe knowing that they might not come back home. They can’t
see their families on holidays like Christmas. Maybe a lot of people who have lost
a loved one during a war might have a different outlook on Patriotism and are
not sure what they are fighting for.
    Patriotism is more than one’s love for ones country. It is accepting individual
responsibility. To me Patriotism still matters today.